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Fade Back In

by The I Want You

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Fade Back In 02:16
To tell you the truth I miss the chaos of my youth 'cause the chaos right now is really freakin' me out I mean it's stealing my sleep at night like every night I used to stay up real late and then I'd sleep rock hard like a tombstone now I'm buried I'd hate to think that this is it Waiting around until I quit It's been a real long fade out I can try to fade back in I'm as stupid as back then but I wouldn't do it all again
Break Off 03:27
I don't mean to seem aimless but my sights are off I can't claim to be blameless when clearly it's all my fault I don't want to seem faithless but what is worth worshipping? It's hard to play favorites when you hate everything. Gotta break off break off I'm on the outside do I get back in? you decide you don't like my behavior you think it's hit and run no point currying favor when you hate everyone
Hey man lighten up we're having fun party's on! Put your boogymen away it's time to play hooray soiree anyway ok? Ok? you're so lonely you could die but it's my party and no one cries oh man it's a blow out hang out fun affair and you are there so put your broken-heart away It's time to play hooray soiree anyway ok? ok? we're gonna roll until the broad daylight so try to have some fun tonight.
Earthsplain 03:06
You and me we've got a thing that's true I don't need to earthsplain that to you I'm sure you know what I mean I know you're green but... the prime directive is non-elective you know I love you and I don't need to earthsplain that to you I don't need to earthsplain that to you


released September 25, 2020


all rights reserved



The I Want You Boston, Massachusetts


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